The Weird Week in Review

Miss Cellania

Driving Lesson Nearly Causes Air Disaster

A Cebu Pacific Air flight had to pull up suddenly while attempting to land at Legazpi City, Philippines, when the pilot saw a van on the runway! The vehicle was reportedly driven by the son of an airport aviation chief, who was giving his girlfriend a driving lesson. The airplane carrying 80 passengers was able to land after circling long enough for the van to leave the runway.

4-foot Worm Found in Cornwall

Matt Slater, a curator at the Blue Reef Aquarium in Newquay, Cornwall, England and his team were puzzled at the wreck their carefully grown coral reef had become. After weeks of watching the reef fall apart, they decided to take it apart to find the culprit. What they found was a giant reef worm! The four-foot worm is covered with thousands of stinging bristles. The staff nicknamed the worm "Barry", and carefully relocated it into a separate tank at the aquarium. Slater believes it may have arrived as a juvenile in a shipment from another aquarium.

Blowin' In The Wind

Cindy and David Emminger of Malibu, California have had enough of the smell that blows their way from Bob Dylan's estate. They've complained to city officials about the the chemical scent from a portable toilet on the property, apparently used by Dylan's guards. Mayor Andy Stern says no one else has complained, and he will let the city's code enforcement authorities deal with the matter.

"I really have not involved myself in Bob Dylan's toilet, and by the way I haven't involved myself in anyone else's toilet in Malibu," Stern told Reuters.

Bat Launches with Space Shuttle

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Flammable Water Supply

Amee Ellsworth of Fort Lupton, Colorado has flammable water in her home. Her plumbing is contaminated with natural gas. A half-mile away, Renee McClure can produce a three-foot flame by holding a lighter to her running faucet. The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission tested and confirmed the contamination, but cannot pinpoint the source of the problem, as there are eight gas wells nearby maintained by two gas companies. It is not known how many other homes are affected, but around 100 homes draw water from the same aquifer as those tested. Meanwhile, Ellsworth is concerned that the water may cause an explosion at any time.

Paraplegic Man Suffers Spider Bite, Walks Again

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Beekeeper Accused of Killing Beekeeper

Donald Robert Alcock of Woodford, Australia, is accused of murdering competing beekeeper Anthony Ross Knight by shooting him in the back of the head while he slept.

Prosecutor Daniel Boyle told the Queensland Supreme Court in Brisbane that Mr Alcock was in serious financial trouble when he went to Mr Knight's property with the intention of stealing honey worth $40,000.

He said Mr Alcock made the decision to shoot Mr Knight when he realised he could not steal the barrels and tubs of honey without waking him.

The police investigation started when Alcock was taken to the hospital after a 1400 kilogram barrel of honey fell on him as he was unloading it. The barrel was marked as owned by Knight.