Friday Happy Hour: The Zack Morris Phone & Science Fair Projects

Jason English

1. Let's say a respected medical journal published a study that definitively tied cell phone use to brain tumors. You'd almost certainly get one if you continued using your current phone. But there is a loophole "“ the older, ridiculously huge phones do not come with this risk. Would you give up wireless phones altogether, would you risk a tumor by sticking with your fashionable phone, or would you channel Zack Morris and carry around the XL model?

2. This one's inspired by Ethan's story about the origins of college nicknames. You've just founded a university, but before you can print the stationery, you need to make a decision. What (or who) will be your school's mascot?

3. In the back of our cabinet, safely stored for the least special occasions, I have four Atlanta Hawks/Atlanta Thrashers plastic cups acquired at a 2003 Bruce Springsteen concert at Philips Arena. I'm not sure how they've lasted this long "“ I've moved two times since I first brought them home, which means I actively decided to take them with me. Twice. What's the strangest souvenir cup hiding in your cupboard?

meth.jpg /

4. Last year, Allison linked to this fantastic round-up of 41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments. What was your best (or most embarrassing) science fair project?