(5) Pablo Picasso vs. (12) Matt Groening

Tournament of Genius

(5) Pablo Picasso

Picasso's name is synonymous with ever-evolving artistic genius. From his Blue Period to his experiments and innovations in Cubism to his sculptures to his dabbling in ceramics, Picasso brought a wholly original sensibility to whatever he tried. Come on, he's Picasso. We don't have to sell you on this one.

(12) Matt Groening

Without creator Matt Groening, there's no The Simpsons. "D'oh!" never even enters your vocabulary. Mr. Burns never makes his millions. Milhouse never becomes a hero to kids whose moms think they're cool. Moe never gives us "Joe Pukepail" as a euphemism for ugliness. You wouldn't remember Troy McClure from anything. Even if you think the show has declined in recent years, pick any episode from the first ten seasons, watch it, and tell us Matt Groening's not a genius.

The Breakdown

The matchup between these two oft-imitated artists is closer than it might seem. Sure, Guernica is incredibly brilliant and unsettling, but who's to say that the muumuu-clad Homer Simpson in "King-Size Homer" isn't just as inspired?


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