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(1) Leonardo Da Vinci vs. (16) Burt Reynolds

Tournament of Genius

(1) Leonardo Da Vinci

Even if he hadn't diversified his brain so thoroughly, Leonardo might still be on this list for his achievements in any single field. His Mona Lisa and Last Supper make him a titan among artists. His engineering plans for flying machines and bridges show his technical mind was ahead of his time. His journals full of scientific observations show a keen grasp of everything from architecture to botany. Nobody wants to draw this #1 seed.

(16) Burt Reynolds

Don't laugh. Reynolds has quite the resume. Played a mean tailback at Florida State until he got hurt. Made CB radios cool with his role in Smokey and the Bandit. Showed us that cross-country races are always a good idea in The Cannonball Run. Married Loni Anderson. Provided the lead voice for All Dogs Go to Heaven. Managed to keep his palatial Florida estate even after filing for bankruptcy. Has a mustache that is, at the very least, among humanity's top 15 achievements.

The Breakdown

Da Vinci may be the bigger genius, but who would you rather be for a day, Leonardo or Burt? Okay, probably Leonardo. But you had to think about it for a second, didn't you? See, Reynolds really is a genius.

Update: Voter Fraud Charges Force Leonardo/Reynolds Run-Off 1-3pm Eastern Time, Monday, March 23rd


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