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Allison Keene

The human body can be amazing in even the most mundane situations. Take for instance the cocktail party, which may be taxing on the nerves but quite stimulating for the aural sense in the way we can tune in or (in many cases) tune out.

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Flossy friend Robert has given another shout-out to us Creative Writing majors and others of our kind in his Career Advice column in Oddly Enough News. This week's topic: sword swallowing - to apply or not to apply, that is the question ...

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As much as I enjoying verbing nouns, (like "I'm Googling it" or "I Facebooked him") not everyone is into it. Informal poll: is anyone an addicted verber? What are some of your faves?
More mind game fun: word association

Keep sending in great photos, blogs and links to - have a relaxing weekend!

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