'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' Runners-Up

Mangesh & Jason

On Friday, we announced that Scott Slocum of Essex, Maryland, had won the grand prize in our 'I Want to Rock in Cleveland' sweepstakes. Scott and his wife will be flown to Cleveland, put up in the Ritz-Carlton, and attend the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony (plus the VIP pre-induction party). Now it's time to name the fifty runners-up, who have won various mental_floss and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame prizes. Congratulations to the following people:

Elaine Tocco, Terry Horrocks, Harold Lambing, Paul Feschuk, Tammy McEllhiney, Carolyn Sisco, Timothy Schell, Kerry Miller, R.M. Wieland, James Middlemas, Steve Dadolf, DaLinda Mefford, Karen Serunian, Ronald Stein, Rocky Coggins, Chris Waddell, Nicholas Smith, Harold Schomburg, Rebecca Lee, Katie Lister, John Sikora, Stan Nerhaugen, Kristin Noack, Karen Phillips, Matt Bottom, Annette Knapp, Mandy Christoph, Justin Padron, Brett Morris, Shanna Gaskin, Caitlin Rogers, Penny Bennett, Gerald Estep, Jr., Richard Robinson, Teresa Morrison, Lester Peterson, John Parry, Valerie Lithgow, Paul Mazzoni, Jeff Malmquist, Amelia Kohli, Linda Kiggins, Annette Ruff, Ruth Alfson, Bette Holmes, June Joseph, Mark Colman, Rhonda Carlson, David Hilsheimer, Lori Worrell

If you haven't received your prize by next Monday, please let us know.