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Round Two Begins! (1) Albert Einstein vs. (8) Shigeru Miyamoto

Tournament of Genius

As we enter the second round of the Tournament of Genius, 32 geniuses remain (well, 33 if you count the second Wright brother). Voting will remain open through Sunday. We look forward to reading your color commentary.

(1) Albert Einstein

Does the man even need an introduction? Nobel Prize winner. Relativity theorizer. Brownian motion explainer. Legitimizer of crazy-haired thinkers everywhere. Frequent mental_floss cover boy. It's tough to think of a 20th century physics breakthrough that doesn't have Einstein's fingerprints on it. He's earned his #1 seed in this tournament.

(8) Shigeru Miyamoto

When it comes to video game pioneers, no one can quibble with Miyamoto's credentials. Check out this resume: the Nintendo guru created the Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and The Legend of Zelda franchises. He also found time to invent the wildly successful F-Zero and Nintendogs lines. More recently, he's made weight loss fun with his invention of Wii Fit. You may not know Miyamoto if you passed him on the street, but chances are he's taken up more hours of your life than anyone else in this tournament.

The Breakdown

Einstein was probably the greatest scientist of the last century, but without Miyamoto, how would we maximize the fun of our wasted time? Without Einstein, we wouldn't know how to calculate how much energy an object contains. Without Miyamoto, we wouldn't know how to actually become pure energy: by eating a flashing, bouncing star that will make us invincible. Einstein's theories and discoveries made huge scientific breakthroughs possible, while Miyamoto's creations made Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers possible. Einstein's got to be the favorite here, but maybe Miyamoto can find a magical flute that will warp him to the Sweet Sixteen.


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