Play for your chance to WIN a $100 shopping spree in our store!

If you didn't hear, we're back with a totally redesigned, and retooled Trivia Hunt!

Over the last 14 months, How Did You Know? has undergone many changes, but none as big as this month's. We've listened to your comments and criticism, both negative and positive, and have rethought not only the prizes, but the very way the challenges are presented. Don't worry, we still have all your favorite challenges, like One of These Things is not Like the Others, Name that Movie, and our killer camouflage puzzles, but starting this month, we're adding a real scavenger hunt element to the challenges. As comments have been turned off for the length of the 5-day hunt, be sure to let us know via e-mail what you think of the retool.
As always, it pays to play whether you're the first in with all the correct answers or not. In addition to the $100 shopping spree first-prize, we're also giving away a $50 shopping spree in our store to one random winner who has all the right answers but isn't the first to e-mail them in. Random winners sometimes submit all the correct answers/logic a full 48 hours after the closing bell, so don't worry if you're late or can't submit your final answers at 8 pm ET next Monday.

Have fun with it, and, as always, don't hesitate to work in teams and e-mail all your friends for help. Many, if not most of our past HDYK winners have been teams, not individuals. Our current champion is Natt Supab. Read all about her here.

If you're new to the 5-day trivia hunt, be sure to see the rules and regulations page here. If you missed Day 1, that can be found right here. Now on to our second challenge.

Today we're playing One of These Things Is Not Like the Others. On the following pages you'll find five photos. Four have something in common. Only when you have the correct piece of information, based on the clues, will you be allowed to proceed to the page containing the photo. Be sure to tell us not only why the odd one out is the odd one out, but how the other four are similar. Remember: we'll also need all your clue words -- the ones that allowed you to proceed from page to page. Hold onto these answers and send them in next Monday at 8 pm ET with the rest of the week's answers.

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