Timelapse Garden Video Camera


I am planning a major home renovation this year. I would like to make a time-lapse video of the process. I don't have a tripod, and even f I did, it doesn't seem feasible to anchor one in a neighborhood full of curious kids and free-range pets. So when I saw the Timelapse Garden Video Camera, my interest meter went off the chart.
This little camera does all the work for you to make a time-lapse video of growing plants. Stick it in the ground and focus it on the area you wish to record. You can set it to take a picture every five seconds, once every 24 hours, or several intervals in between. A light sensor will keep it from taking pictures in the dark, which makes editing easier or even unnecessary. The camera will assemble the still images into video form for playback. It has a 2GB removable flash drive that will take up to 18,000 pictures! Four AA batteries can run the Timelapse Garden Video Camera for up to four months. The danger here is forgetting that you set it out. It appears to blend in with the foliage, but if you don't trust your neighbors, I wouldn't trust its camouflage.

The description doesn't say anything about distance focus. What we know is that you can set it as close as 18 inches from your subject, or back it up to use its 54 inch field of vision. The product page doesn't specify how far it will focus, but it does say that you can watch your house being built! It would be a lot of fun to record your morning glories opening up, or your flower garden growing and blossoming. You could record a sunrise! If I were to spend $159.95 on the Timelapse Garden Video Camera, I would come up with more ways to get a lot of use out of it.

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(via Neatorama)