How Did You Know? - {day 5}

David K. Israel

We apologize for the site going down last night. You've heard of the famous half-time toilet bowl flush? We think we may have had a similar click situation last night, as the masses tried to load the final puzzle. To make it up to you, we've decided NOT to award one winner, but to award prizes to any team, or individual, who gets all the answers correct. We'll keep the contest open until Midnight ET tomorrow night.

To raise the stakes even more, we'll be awarding THREE $50 gift-cards to THREE random semi-grand-prize winning teams, redeemable in our store.

So the hunt is back on. All you have to do is send in all the right answers this month, and you're a guaranteed winner! That's lemonade from lemons, no?

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We've reached the last day of our week-long trivia hunt! If you're still with us, congrats on getting this far. But even if you don't have all the answers yet, don't forget: there still may be time to solve the puzzle, working backwards from today's final challenge.

You never know how long it's going to take for someone to send in ALL the correct answers to ALL the challenges along the path. And even if you aren't the first, there's always the second place $50 prize, which we award at random. Random winners have even submitted up to 48 hours after the closing bell, so it always pays to send in your work, no matter when you finish.

If you missed any of last week's challenges, you can find them here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4.

Now, after the jump, I present the final puzzle drawing on answers you've unearthed all along the trail.

See you back here on April 21st for the next HDYK?

hdyk_15.jpg /

On Day 1 you were asked to name three songs. What word did all the song titles have in common?

On Day 2 we asked you to find the one picture that wasn't like the others. If you take the main homonym that all the other photos had in common and stick it in front of the type of playing card that was pictured in one of the photos, you get a new word. That word is your answer for Day 2. (e.g. if all the photos in common had something to do with the word "˜than' and the playing card were a King, your new word would be "˜thanking.')

On Day 4 your final answer should have been the name of a popular TV show. What is the last name of the man who created this show?

Part of your challenge on Day 3 was to listen to excerpts from Holts's The Planets. What is the one planet, other than Pluto, of course, that Holst didn't write a movement for?

Day5: You should now have enough information to complete the final puzzle.

Please e-mail us all your answers here: Don't forget: you need ALL the answers to ALL of the challenges throughout the week to qualify.

Lastly, after you've submitted your answers, we'd love to hear feedback about the new format so we can continue to refine and sharpen the game. As you saw during the week, we changed some of the flow of the pages, hopefully making it easier to move from one question to the next. We'll continue to tweak and improve the game, so your experience is better. But we can't do that unless we hear from you! Which challenges were fun? Which felt too much like work (hopefully none, but still!). Which were too easy? What would you like to see more of? What do you miss from past puzzles? Please, take a moment and let us know in a separate e-mail, after you've turned in your work.