Win a copy of The Reader!!


If you check in with our blog often, you know we love giving books, CDs and DVDs away before they become available to the general public. You also know we never just give them away; you have to show off your smarts and really earn 'em. Today is no different - we've got an advance copy of The Reader DVD, which doesn't hit stores or Netflix for another couple weeks. We're also giving away a brand new copy of the original Bernhard Schlink novel, The Reader.

So how do you get your hands on one of the two goodies? Easy: find the five hidden names in the camouflage puzzle on the next page. Each name, (a first or a last name, but never both) is connected to either the film or the book in some way. Could be a character's last name, an actor's first name, etc. I've provided you with a clue for each hidden name. The letters that make up the name appear camouflaged in the puzzle, in order, from left to right. You need only clear out the unused letters to unearth the name connected to each clue.

Send your 5 names to us at:

We'll pick two random winners an send you the goods. That's all there is to it!

May the best Reader win.

Who am I?


1. A perfect palindrome?
2. Virginia Woolf helmer
3. What's a quiz show champ doing here?
4. Mr. Bookman, I presume?
5. Thank the academy