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10 Jews, 1 Snowboard!

Mangesh Hattikudur

My very famous friend (City Councilman, Moose Cross Winner, Ski-Archery champ) Dave Bergart keeps one-upping me in cool dorkery. Today, he sent me this link of him and his pals setting a Guinness World Book Record for most people riding a really long snowboard. Apparently, they bill themselves as "10 Jews, 1 Snowboard," and can be seen on ski slopes all over Jackson. I am both in awe of Dave's achievement and of how much time he has on his hands. On a separate note, I am now hunting for 11 Hindus with X-treme pogo skills, or 11 Konkanis with a crazy aptitude for Boggle to join me in some retaliatory record setting.

Congrats Dave!