The Quick 10: 10 Celebrity Children's Book Authors

Adrienne Crezo

Today is Hans Christian Andersen's birthday; in his honor, IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) has organized International Children's Book Day to celebrate childhood reading and note the importance of children's books and literacy. By now we all know that Madonna has her own children's book series, but here are ten more celebrity authors you may not have known about:

1. John Travolta's book, Propeller One-Way Night Coach: a Fable for All Ages was written for Travolta's late son, Jett, just after his birth; it is being made into a movie, reportedly directed by Rob Morrow.

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6. Dionne Warwick's Say a Little Prayer is a semi-autobiographical story about "Little D," who one day discovers her secret talent and is encouraged by her grandfather to embrace it. The book comes with an audio CD of Ms. Warwick singing "Jesus Loves Me."

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10. A-Rod may be taking a cue from his, uh, friend, Madonna. His book, Out of the Ballpark, is autobiographical, telling the story of a young A-Rod who just wanted to play ball.