(1) Albert Einstein vs. (1) Isaac Newton


The Breakdown

Talk about a clash of titans. Einstein's name may be synonymous with "genius," but Newton's resume is just as incredible. In his 84 years the man managed to develop calculus, confirm the existence of gravity, build the first practical reflecting telescope, formulate the principle of conservation of momentum and the three laws of motion, and discover the composition of white light. Before his death he even managed to bring out new editions of work that had been translated into Latin.

Einstein, to his credit, explained the photoelectric effect and Brownian motion, formulated special and general theories of relativity, and made a whole slew of other scientific breakthroughs. We're all lucky that both of these geniuses shared their knowledge with the world, but are you going to take, the kingpin of the Scientific Revolution or the revolutionary scientist whose face is often on our cover?


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