(2) Ben Franklin vs. (1) Leonardo Da Vinci

Tournament of Genius

The Breakdown

Two of history's most diverse minds are squaring off here, and it's going to be tough to pick a winner. Not content to just be one of the greatest artists of all time, Leonardo basically spent every waking moment of his life trying to absorb some sort of knowledge. This plan worked perfectly, and in addition to his art he also made huge strides in architectural and scientific studies of fields like botany and anatomy in addition to his breathtaking artistic output.

Franklin's achievements are similarly impressive, though. The Founding Father built an early print media empire, helped draft the Declaration of Independence, won over the French during the American Revolution, flew a kite in a thunderstorm to test his theories on electricity, invented bifocals and the lightning rod, and managed to write a series of hit almanacs. Plus, he was a friend to turkeys everywhere. Who's the pick: the original Renaissance man or the American Revolution's own Renaissance man?


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