Peeps Imitate Life: 11 Sweet Marshmallow Scenes


Since we published Heaps of Peeps two years ago, many, many creative people have taken a stab at making whimsical dioramas using our favorite marshmallow chicks and bunnies. They illustrate scenes from movies, books, songs, and TV shows, but I'm very impressed by the many that recreate real life scenes from history, the news, and just plain life.

1. Octopeeps

The Chicago Tribune has a Peeps diorama contest called Peeps on Parade. One of the many entries is Octopeeps, a tableau that depicts new babies of mother-of-14 Nadya Suleman.

2. Thrilla in Manila

445cebu.png /

From last year's Washington Post's diorama contest, Sam Chin and friends made a scene called Thrilla in Manila, illustrating prisoners in Cebu, Philippines doing their Thriller dance. See a slide show of all the finalists from 2008.

3. The Peepatrator

445larry-craig.jpg /

One of the winners from the Washington Post diorama competition last year depicted ex-senator Larry Craig in the infamous restroom scene.

4. Hung Jury

445hungjury.JPG /

The ABA Journal has a contest called Peeps in Law. This entry by the McDonough family is called Hung Jury. After all, one of our basic rights is a trial by a jury of our Peeps!

5. U2 3D

445U2peepband.jpg /

A team from National Geographic put Peeps in a concert hall as U2 as they appear in the film U2 3D.

6. Yes, We Did

445electionpeeps.jpg /

The celebration of Barack Obama's victory in the US presidential election took many forms, including Peeps! Image by Victoria Bernal.

7. Wreck of the Edmund Peepsgerald

445edmund.jpg /

Peeps recreate history in this diorama depicting the last moments of the SS Edmund Fitzgerald, a freighter that sank in a storm on Lake Superior in 1975 and memorialized in a song by Gordon Lightfoot. Image by Anita Ritenour.

8. Peeposuction

445liposuction.jpg /

Cosmetic surgery is more popular and accessible today than ever before. If humans can get a little work done, why not Peeps? Image by lonecellotheory.

9. Hunting with Veep Peep

445cheney.jpg /

Candace MacGuire and Sally Theder illustrated then-vice president Dick Cheney' unfortunate hunting trip with Peeps for the 2006 Seattle Times competition.

10. Give Peeps a Chance

445warprotest.jpg /

Peeps take to the streets just like their human counterparts do to protest war and injustice. Image by Tony Case.

11. Peep Show

445stripper pole peeps.jpg
445stripper pole peeps.jpg /

In a scene seen in human cities all over, Peeps put on strip show complete with pole dancers! Image by Adam Ross.
Hurry and put your Peeps together! Some of the linked conrtests are still taking entries. Also check out the National Geographic Peeps in Places photo contest; the deadline for entry is Wednesday. has been extended to April 13th.
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