Worldly goods

David K. Israel

My wife recently turned me on to, a store that sells simple items from around the world, grouped by country. Because Kiosk features a different country every so often, the site also doubles as a cool art installation of sorts.

They only have a limited quantity of each item, and once it's sold out, you can't buy it anymore, but you can still see it, as you'd see a piece of art in an exhibit.

So what kind of stuff can you buy at Kiosk? Here are two of my favorites:

Kaufmann's Creme from Germany. I love the packaging, and also the Web site's copy describing the product:

Want hands like a babies butt? Forty years of production/experience has given the Kaufmann team the knowledge to formulate a cream with no equal.

Or how about this hollow half dollar from Missouri:

Picture 24.png
Picture 24.png /

Two other cool things about the site: each week they offer 3 random items for half price. It's a brilliant marketing ploy because it keeps people coming back to the store/site all the time. They also have these unusual mini-exhibitions 'on display' of items NOT for sale. Check it out once you click over.