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Friday Happy Hour: Any Idea What This Is?

Jason English

1. Last week, my family moved. During the walk-through, I found this container of liquid in the bedroom closet. I returned it to the previous owners, who at the time were following us around, making awkward conversation in every room. After the papers were signed and our boxes were piled high throughout the house, I found the same container in the garage. Maybe they meant it as a gift. Can anyone tell me what it is? Air freshener? Refreshing beverage? Sea monkeys? The two clues on the label are the words "Blue System" and a cartoon hippopotamus drinking the contents through a straw.

2. The hippo drink was not the only thing left behind. One 15-pound dumbbell, a framed photo of the previous occupants and a gigantic gun safe all came into our possession. What's the strangest thing you've found in a new house, apartment or dorm?

3. I've been to my share of weddings over the years, and they all went as planned. No bride or groom ever failed to show or said the wrong name or fled the altar. No former lovers ever interrupted the ceremony, and everyone else chose to forever hold their peace. Of course, weddings in books, movies, and TV shows get screwed up all the time. Have you ever been to a wedding where, for whatever reason, nobody got married?

4. On my agenda tomorrow is getting a library card. Anyone reading anything good?

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