How Did You Know Hoang-Kim Vu, Lealon Winstead & Julie Hayes, and Bridget Driscoll?

David K. Israel

Due to technical difficulties the night the last clue was to be posted, this month's HDYK has 13 winners. Three of those 13 "“ chosen at random "“ have won $50 gift cards to the mental_floss store. The other ten winners will receive various mental_floss prizes, from t-shirts to books to smaller-denomination gift cards to Law School in a Box to the mental_floss board game. (Check your mailboxes next week.) Here are your grand prize winners:

1. Hoang-Kim Vu (Washington, DC)

2. Lealon Winstead & Julie Hayes (Tomball, TX)

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3. Bridget Driscoll (New York, NY)

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Congratulations to This Month's Additional Winners

Let's give a warm round of applause to Katherine Richie, Mark Hilton, Colin Campbell, Erin Lion, Rhonda & Veronica Buness, Zachary Nahlik, Micah Best, Peter Dapier, Jimmy Luth & Bobby Zertuche, and Kathryn Holt, Lara Holt, & Margaret Purdy

(We'll be posting photos of the additional winners soon.)

Please tune in April 21st for the next HDYK when we promise to have the technical difficulties solved! Now let's check out the winning answers...

Final Puzzle - Day 5

How hot is the surface of the star closest to Earth?
5726.85 degrees Celsius (We took other answers for this, as well... so long as you were close and didn't write "Freakin' hot!")

Day 1

1. Hot Blooded - Foreigner (The 13th letter of the alphabet is M. The answer is mauve.
2. Hot - Avril Lavigne (The correct answer is 3.)
3. Hot Stuff - Donna Summer (The 20th letter of the alphabet is T. The name of the movie is Brimstone and Treacle.

Day 2

1. Code word: Garvey (Marcus Garvey is mentioned in the article and Steve Garvey was one of baseball's greatest first baseman.)
2. Code word: Mann (Les Mann is mentioned in the article and Horace Mann is a 19th century American education reformer.)
3. Code word: Beethoven (Ludwig van Beethoven is mentioned in the article)
4. Code word: Douglas (Kirk Douglas is mentioned in the article and Douglas Fairbanks is a famous silent film actor.)
5. Code word: Israel (David K. Israel is mentioned in the article [whoever that is] and Israel is a small country.)

Photos 1, 2, 3 and 5 are alike. Photo 4 is different than the others.
1. Serfs harvesting grain
2. Surfing
3. Computer mouse, used to surf the web
5. Surf and turf

4. Just a card. The ace of hearts. That's it.

Day 3

1. Saturn
2. Neptune
3. Jupiter
4. Mars

Day 4

1. Code word: Swatch (SMART is an acronym from Swatch-Mercedes ART)
2. Code word: Anonymous (AA is an acronym for Alcholics Anonymous)
3. Code word: Compact (CLEVER is an acronym for Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport Vehicle)

1. Birdie
2. Par
3. Bogey

Final answer: Sex and the City

Day 5

All the songs had the word HOT in common.
Surf + Ace = surface
Darren Star created Sex and the City
Holst didn't write a piece of music for the Earth