Insane Safety Videos

Ransom Riggs

Workplace safety is no laughing matter, so presumably the purpose of workplace safety videos is to get people to take it seriously. A few, however, are so ridiculous, unintentionally funny and -- by some people's standards, surely -- NSFW, that they're impossible not to laugh at. (I can't imagine that helps worker safety much.) This first video, for instance, is bloody even by the standards of modern Hollywood horror films -- simultaneously terrifying and hilarious, it deserves an honored place in the workplace safety video canon.

Will You Be Here Tomorrow?
(Warning: it's a bit graphic!)

Can't get enough? Here's a great one about forklift safety. It's in German, but you'll get the idea pretty fast: Klaus is a forklift driver, and he's having a very bad day at work.

For the lighter side of workplace safety, we turn to this retro film clip, "You and Office Safety." Wokka-wokka!