Magazine Sneak Peek: The World's Messiest Food Festivals

Mangesh & Jason
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In fact, we've got a whole article on The World's 10 Messiest and Strangest Food Festivals. Here's a quick peek at two of the stories.

A Well-Oiled Sporting Machine"¨: Turkey's Greasy Wrestling Match

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Cat Fancy: "¨La Festival Gastronomico del Gato

In the small Peruvian farming town of La Quebrada, people have a strange way of honoring their ancestors; every September, they gorge themselves on cats. The locals host the epic feline feast to pay homage to the town's settlers—impoverished slaves who once survived on nothing but cat "¨meat. Despite outrage from animal-rights activists and feline lovers around the world, the festival only grows more popular each year. Recent feasts have even offered more creative options for foodies, such as cat Milanese and grilled cat with Peruvian black mint. Devotees say it tastes like (what else?) chicken.

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