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Super Mario Brothers + Line Rider = Shenanigans

Chris Higgins

Just one more crazy SMB video, and then I swear I'll stop. For a while. Below, check out a video of Super Mario Brothers 3 with several hacks applied -- effectively turning it into a mashup with Line Rider. In Line Rider, you indirectly control your character (the rider) by drawing lines in a world...the rider simply rides those lines to make it through the world. In this crazy video, a "rainbow riding" hack has been added to SMB 3, so that the user no longer controls Mario directly, but instead draws lines in his world to protect him from enemies, guide him over obstacles, and so on. (There is still one direct way to influence the character: click to jump.) The result is completely awesome -- a brand new game with new mechanics, and further evidence that interesting work is still being done with a game that's over 20 years old (the original SMB 3 was released October 23, 1988). Read more about the hack here.