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Mangesh & Jason

Who said counting to 10 calms you down? Every time we try to breathe our way to that blessed number, we end up excited by a whole new list of outrageous stories. Knowledge Junkies be warned: There are more than 70 pages of adrenaline-pumping lists in our 8th annual '10 Issue,' from technologies we stole from the animal kingdom to shocking stories about Somali pirates.

If you'd rather not schlep all the way down to the newsstand (or your local Borders, Barnes & Noble, independent bookseller or certain Whole Foods Markets), why not get the magazine delivered right to you? If you order here, you'll get a full year subscription AND a mental_floss t-shirt for a very, very low price. So, go ahead and support your favorite little magazine. Your expanding mind (and your favorite little magazine) will thank you.

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