Music Changes Everything

Chris Higgins

This morning I came across a link to "Disturbing Strokes": it's the "Diff'rent Strokes" credits sequence set to disturbing music...and the result is supremely creepy (Mr. Drummond's intentions are, uh, questionable). It's fascinating how much music can change a sequence, turning it from uplifting to completely scary. Have a look:

There are other examples of this practice out there. For example, "Shining" is a spoof re-edit of the trailer for Kubrick's "The Shining," in which light-hearted music and voiceover makes the movie seem like a family dramedy. Take a peek, after the jump.

In a film class in college, the professor showed us several versions of the opening credits to "The Shining" in which he had added different music. The music dramatically changes the viewer's perception of the credit sequence. Here's the original opening sequence:

And here's one with happier music. Weird, right? The sequence now strikes me as the beginning to a romantic comedy/roadtrip movie.

Have You Ever Swapped the Soundtrack?

Have you ever changed the soundtrack for an existing video, or seen a great example of this? Share your finds in the comments (you can post links, just leave off the http:// part).