Winners of the Ethnography contest!


In honor of Kevin Roose's wonderful book, we asked readers to pitch us your idea for an ethnography project. While we heard a ton of great proposals, the three pitches we would commission (if we had the money to commission such things) are:

-Jo's pitch on living with the chickens at a chicken farm "Gorillas in the Mist"-style, tentatively titled "Chickens in the Excrement"
-Todd's pitch on studying the NASCAR scene, and living with fans who RV across the country to events.
-Amy's pitch on infiltrating the fans who camp out and line up for events-- from the Apple store lovers, to the people who queue up when a new Chik-fil-a is opening. (As Duke fans and former residents of K-Ville, this one held a special place in our hearts.)
Since we can't give each of you a grant, we'll be sending each of you a copy of Kevin Roose's new book. For those of you who don't remember, Kevin guest blogged for us a few weeks back about a whole host of holy issues, from 5 Rules From His Semester at America's Holiest University, to 5 Things He Learned By Being the World's Worst Evangelist, to 8 Things You Didn't Know About Jerry Falwell, to a pop quiz he based on actual Liberty University exams. Give his work a read if you've got the time. And winners: we'll be in touch shortly.