Fails Heard 'round the World

Ransom Riggs

There's nothing I enjoy more than a good dose of schadenfreude, and failblog provides that in almost endless measure. Especially, I must say, their wonderful videos. I was prepping for a wedding toast I'm going to have to make in a few days -- the groom is one of my oldest friends, so it'd better be good -- and in a moment of procrastination, found myself Googling around for wedding toasts, and instead found myself, jaw hanging open, watching a video called "Best Man Fail." I've never seen anything quite like it:

Naturally, that made me want to explore other, similarly cringe-inducing failures. Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, they were not overly difficult to find. This one's called "Balloon Fail," and it starts off slowly, but winds up with a big finish. Wait for it!

"Trailer Fail" is a great example of being in the right place at the right time -- with a video camera.

"Traffic Report Fail" is a little subjective -- do you think she failed?

"Pen Trick Fail" is an instant classic, and as far as I can tell, would be nearly impossible to fake.

"Parking Garage Fail" is unequivocal -- there are no two ways about it, this is failure in its purest form.

"World Record Fail" is possibly too perfect to be real, but even if it was faked, these guys put a lot of effort into the staging. Gotta give 'em props.

"Ferry Fail." Never seen anything quite like this. The gulls seem to be laughing after it all goes down.