We're big fans of New Zealander Justin Brown around the office. The spunky author once lost a rugby bet. The wager? He had to fly to England, and sing and play his guitar door-to-door busking for money until he had enough to travel home (He wrote about the adventure in his book UK on a G-String.)

layoffs.pngIn any case, Justin was recently laid off after 10 years at his job in radio. But instead of moping about it, he's decided to create a website: wehaventlaidanyoneoff.com. And because we (mental_floss) haven't laid anyone off, Justin generously added us to his list! If you're a healthy corporation eager to brag about your impressive job retention stats, be sure to check out the site.

In any case, you can help us maintain our streak! For all the fans who've helped keep us in the black (unlike some of the unluckier magazines), we're pairing this post with a discount. If you're looking for t-shirts, books, back issues, or hilarious gifts, it's all 10% off at the mental_floss store when you use the discount code "superfluous".