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Did You Take Your Daughter (Or Son) To Work Yesterday?

Jason English

1. Yesterday was Take Your Daughter (Or Son) To Work Day. Did any of you take your daughter (or son) to work? Did you ever go to work with one of your parents as part of a past installment of TYDTWD? How'd that go? Charlotte is a little young to fully appreciate the magic that happens in the mental_floss office. But she did enjoy her mom's wrist support system during her last visit to her office.

2. Here's one for political junkies. Which would you rather have on your resume: that you worked on the first season of The West Wing or, say, 24; or that you worked in the White House under either President Obama or President Reagan (depending on how you swing politically)?

3. Jason Plautz's quiz yesterday managed to get that commercial jingle stuck in my head all day ("I was shopping for a new car, which one's me: a new convertible or an SUV?") It's OK. I like that song. What commercials do you find particularly annoying right now?