No Photoshop Necessary: The insanity continues


Here at the _floss, we like posting photos we've taken of crazy and bizarre things encountered in everyday life. It seems, more often than not, Ransom and I are the ones posting such photos. I'm not sure if that says something about Los Angeles (he and I are the only two bloggers foolish enough to live in this Astroturf of a town), or if we've just had a lot of luck finding these oddities.

Remember the Disney tchotchke-mobile?

Or how about Ransom's crazy neighbors?

And who can forget the 11 Korean yogurt stores within a 2-mile radius of my house? Or the crazy house around the corner with the two dozen Michelangelo sculptures?

I've got some more for you today—photos I've been saving up for a fun post like this.

Exhibit A)

You might think this sign was posted a week before Obama was elected back in November. But no; it's a permanent fixture at my local pool. Might as well make a sign that says No Drowning, too.

Exhibit B

photo-1.jpg /

Okay, neighbor, I'm ware. Now what?!

Exhibit C

photo.jpg /

I spent years in therapy and I only changed a little bit. No fair that these women are constantly changing! I'm so envious.