The Late Movies: Star Wars

Mario Marsicano

We're trying something new this week. Every night at 8:00pm, I'll post a few short videos that all have a connection to something that happened that day. The videos could be about politics, pop culture, sports, or any other topical subject. To start, let's pay tribute to the fact that today was Star Wars day. You know...May the 4th be with you? Look, I didn't invent it, I'm just reporting it. So let's have some fun with it...

(Note: To the Star Wars/Lost fans out there...was Hurley right? Does everyone hate Ewoks?)

We'll start with the original Star Wars Parody video...Hardware Wars.

Next, we'll take a trip to Empire Market to visit Darth's younger brother, Chad.

A quick call to Robot Chicken's Palpatine. (who happens to be responsible for one of my favorite quotes of all time).

The very first Lego Star Wars video.

And two of the original audition videos. Kurt Russell and Robby Benson read for Han and Luke.

See you back here tomorrow night at 8:00pm Eastern Time for another installment.