How to Disappear Completely

Ransom Riggs

The car from Knight Rider could do a lot of cool things, like go 0-60 in 2 seconds, withstand temperatures up to 800 degrees, deflect bullets, shoot fire -- you name it. One thing Kitt couldn't do? Turn invisible. Enter Sara Watson, a British art student at the University of Central Lancashire, who spent three weeks making a junky old Skoda Fabia disappear.

It looks like Photoshop at first, but it's nothing more than a careful application of paint and a good understanding of light, shadow and perspective. (If the sun were behind the car, throwing long shadows toward the camera, I doubt the genius of her handiwork would be as apparent.)

Of course, Sara isn't the only painter who's interested in camouflaging her subjects with a brush. Last year we blogged about Dutch artist Desiree Palmen, who uses paint to blend people into their backgrounds. (We'd love to see an installation of her work ... with the actual people in and in person, blended into their environments!) Here's our favorite Palmen:

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