$50 Challenge Winner!

Andréa Fernandes

On May 2, we announced a $50 challenge. We made up a 10-question challenge based on information in the May/June 2009 issue of mental_floss magazine; the goal was to be the first reader to submit the correct (as found in the magazine) answers for all 10 questions.

28 entries were submitted, but there can only be one winner...

The Winner

Courtney Simpson was the first to answer all 10 of the questions correctly. Congratulations! (We'll be in touch via e-mail about your prize.)

Check out the winning answers after the jump.

The Answers

01. The marine biologist (and fluid dynamics expert) who discovered the "tubercle effect" has a name befitting his field of study. What is his name?
A. Frank Fish (page 58)

02. Edgecomb, Maine, has the honor of hosting the jewels—and ghost—of what European royal?
A. Marie Antoinette (page 72)

03. Strippers average almost twice as much in tips per shift when ovulating than when their time of peak fertility has passed, according to a recent study. How much did the strippers in the study average per shift when they were ovulating?
A. $335 (page 32)

04. When they became unable to eat solid foods, which two famed American businessmen (who also share a first name) added wet nurses to their staffs?
A. John Jacob Astor and John Rockefeller (page 70)

05. After being bombarded by 400 Molotov cocktails, pirates retreated—with one asking for footwear to protect his feet from the broken glass—from what Chinese ship?
A. Zhenhua 4 (page 50)

06. Vatican City's crime rate is the highest crime rate in the world. How many crimes per citizen occur in the tiny country?
A. 1.5 crimes per citizen (page 36)

07. Known as "the rocket to the rooftop of the world," what train provides personal oxygen canisters to every passenger?
A. The Lhasa Express (page 16)

08. In 1924, who served as Harry Houdini's ghostwriter for a short story published in Weird Tales magazine?
A. H.P. Lovecraft (page 67)

09. What event involved grown men running 50 meters while clenching raw bull testicles in their teeth?
A. The 2008 Shepherd's Shemozzle (page 29)

10. Only one contributor in the magazine sports a hat. Who is it and what does her/his hat say?
A. David Goldenberg, "'Bama for Obama" (page 7)