The Late Movies: Songs from the Original Trekkies

Mario Marsicano

I think there's some sort of science fiction movie opening tomorrow. To celebrate, let's check out some videos of the original Trekkies. (For many, a recording career was the final frontier.)

William Shatner starts us off with his rendition of "Rocket Man."

And DeForest Kelley gives his response.

Leonard Nimoy hits a lowpoint in his career with "Bilbo Baggins."

James Doohan lets us know what he would do if he were captain.

Nichelle Nichols sings 'Know What I Mean." She actually has a pretty good voice.

George Takei gives it a shot with "16 Tons."

Walter Koenig sticks with sci-fi in a little gem called Moontrap.

And Kirk and Spock talked ears on The Merv Griffin Show in 1982.

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