Friday Happy Hour: Seismic Career Changes

Jason English

1. I just learned that someone I went to school with has traded his job at a law firm for a new and different career "“ he's now a pet psychic, with a pet psychic website and everything. I didn't know him well enough to say whether he actually has magical powers, and he didn't mention this in his 'What I've Been Up To' reunion bio a couple years back. Got any good stories about a seismic career change by a friend, former colleague, or yourself?

2. How would you fare as a pet psychic? What's Bailey thinking?

3. We should probably devote a whole series of articles to this topic, but let's talk briefly about tipping. The other night I got the look (you know, the "I can't believe you're not going to leave a tip you cheap bastard" look) at a Chinese restaurant while picking up my order. I spent many semesters as a delivery boy in college (and the year after college that has gone mysteriously missing from my resume), and I consider myself fairly liberal in the tipping arena. But I generally don't tip for takeout. Or when the cable company screws up your installation and has to come out two separate times to fix it. But that's another story. What's the most unexpected place you've been hit up for a tip?

4. Let me end by wishing all of the moms out there a Happy Mothers' Day (especially my mom, and my wife, who is being celebrated on this day for the first time this year). If you're a mom, what was your most memorable Mothers' Day?