The Late Movies: All About Mom

Mario Marsicano

To all the moms in the audience, I wish you a very happy Mothers' Day! This collection of videos is for you.

The First Lady (and mom) stopped by Sesame Street recently, to share some healthy living tips.

Albert Brooks had his hands full with Debbie Reynolds in Mother. (Honey, I love you. I know you think you do.)

Still haven't picked out a gift? CNET has the top five tech gifts for mom.

Remember, even accused killers have moms who love them. Right, Mrs, Simpson?

Any ABBA fans in the crowd? Here's "Mamma Mia."

Stewie sums it all up, nicely.

And we started with Muppets, so let's end with them. Check out "That Furry Blue Mommy of Mine." This is awesome!