Why is it that when we're at our most defenseless and socially awkward -- our early teen years -- so many pictures are taken of us? It seems cruel, especially because the worst of them are usually displayed on mantles or sent to family friends in annual holiday cards -- only, years later, to go viral on the internet. No matter who you become, they're an indelible reminder that you were once dorky. Because you were a teenager, however, you can always blame the awful sweater you had to wear on your parents or the braces on genetics; dorky parents are another matter. They are forever.

Much like Laser Portraits, Awkwardfamilyphotos celebrates the awkwardness, and invites readers to submit their own awkward photos. Don't be shy! They couldn't be more awkward than these:

Awkward photographer timing.


Awkward hand placement.


Awkward everything.


Awkward costumes. And why is Mom the naughty bunny?


Awkward compound bows.


This isn't a family photo, but it's just wrong.