The Late Movies: More Educational Programming

Mario Marsicano

Yesterday's educational clips seemed fairly popular, so I thought we'd try another round.

Loripop asked for a Fargo North clip. Here he is with special guest, Big Bird.

While we're on the subject of Sesame Street, what did that fat, blue dude ever do to Grover to deserve such bad service.

You probably remember Mister Rogers' postman, Mister McFeeley, but how about Chef Brockett?

Reader gmsc asked about Tom Lehrer. I have to confess, I didn't know who he is. But after looking him up, I realized I know some of his songs. Here's "The Elements."

Here's another Tom Lehrer tune. It's "LY" from The Electric Company.

Hubbi Frubbiends. Dubbo Yubbou rubbemember Ubbi Dubi Spubeak on Zubboom?

For anyone who had the "12" song stuck in their head yesterday, here's something to replace it..."Steady Freddy."

Or maybe this one will stick in there. Remember T-I-O-N...tion, tion, tion, tion?

Remember the Alligator King from Sesame Street? He had a rough time with the kids.

How about the Yip Yips? They had a rough time with the phone.

I don't know how educational it was, but I remember Captain Kangaroo being fun to watch.

But I DO know how educational Mr. Wizard was. His experiments were great.