Win a Copy of Origins of the Specious

Jason English

Last May, we welcomed grammar legend Patricia T. O'Conner as a guest blogger. She has a new book out, and for today's Friday Happy Hour, we have two copies to give away. Here's a blurb so you know what you're playing for:

"In Origins of the Specious, word mavens Patricia T. O'Conner and Stewart Kellerman explode the myths and misconceptions that have led generations of language lovers astray. They reveal why some of grammar's best-known 'rules' aren't—and never were—rules at all. They explain how Brits and Yanks wound up speaking the same language so differently, and why British English isn't necessarily purer. This playfully witty yet rigorously researched book shoots down myth after myth, setting the record straight about bogus word origins, politically correct fictions, phony français, fake acronyms, and more."

How can you win a copy? Since this book is all about debunking bogus word origins, let's invent some new bogus word origins! Take any word or phrase and invent a backstory. Our two favorites will win the book. We'll announce the winners on Monday.

And if you'd rather just buy a copy, head over to Patricia & Stewart's Grammarphobia blog.