The Late Movies: The Rat Pack

Mario Marsicano

Have you heard the latest Frank Sinatra news? Martin Scorsese has signed on to direct the biopic. Martie wants his boy Leo DiCaprio to star, but the studio wants Johnny Depp. While they work it out, here are some Rat Pack videos to get you in the mood.

From the duets album, here's Frank with Bono singing "I've Got You Under my Skin."

Frank gives some singing tips on Larry King.

This is a great Dean Martin tune, "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You."

And from the Dean Martin show, Deano and Foster Brooks walk into a bar...

Here's Sammy Davis Jr. singing "Mr. Bojangles."

Sammy and Gregory Hines have a dance-off on the 1989 movie Tap.

Ever seen Joey Bishop and Regis Philbin in Nehru jackets? Now you have.

Peter Lawford appears as the mystery guest on What's My Line.

The original Rat Pack flick, here's the trailer for Ocean's Eleven.

And a scene from the HBO tribute flick, The Rat Pack.

And one last tribute to old blue eyes. Here's Cake with Frank Sinatra (love this tune). Have a great weekend!