We're very excited about this year's crop of summer interns, who will be clocking in for the first time on June 1st. Here's a little bit about our new additions:

Casey Johnston, born of Albany, NY, is a 22-year old female student at Columbia University majoring in Applied Physics. Weird, right? All the boys in her classes think so too. When not solving Gauss' Law and deriving expressions for luminosity distance, Casey can be found writing for College Humor, TUAW, and Ars Technica, consuming copious amounts of television, and going to comedy shows. She enjoys running, eating cold oatmeal, cooking (things other than oatmeal), and playing video games.

intern-mark2.jpgMark Arminio is currently freelancing in Detroit, MI, waiting for his big break as the fourth Jonas Brother. He formerly worked in marketing for a large automotive supplier in the Motor City and performed so admirably, the company filed for bankruptcy and no longer exists (although four out of five automotive analysts agree it wasn't completely his fault.) He graduated from Xavier University in Cincinnati with a degree in English and a minor in Communications (Let's Go X). He currently fills his time with a combination of indoor soccer, bar trivia and karaoke, meaning 90% of the time he is out of place, out of answers and hideously off key.

Intern-Eric.jpgEric Johnson is a history major heading into his junior year at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. As a child, he wanted to be a pirate, Jedi, and/or velociraptor. He's put those plans on hold, however, and is now the news blog director at 95.5 WBRU (news.wbru.com). Eric also writes for Brown's satirical newspaper, The Brown Noser. His favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back, his favorite book is All the King's Men, and his favorite TV show is 30 Rock.