Dan Ariely: We're Irrational Decision Makers

Chris Higgins

Dan Ariely is back with another killer TED Talk about his research! Back in March I wrote Dan Ariely: Why People Cheat, pointing to Ariely's TED Talk about his research on cheating. Well, now TED has released video from another Ariely talk, and it's equally awesome. In his lecture, Ariely describes how we make choices, and how those choices can be influenced by the design of the choice -- like whether a form's checkbox is opt-in or opt-out, or how the choice is presented visually. After seeing this lecture, I give up, I'm just gonna have to buy Ariely's book Predictably Irrational -- if it's anything like these talks, I'm sold.

Discussed: writing academic papers is boring, writing Predictably Irrational as a path to writing cookbooks, visual illusions, cognitive illusions, organ donation, opting in and opting out, are doctors rational?, Rome with or without coffee, options that nobody wants, and Homer Simpson's brain.


Or: try the high-resolution MP4 version.