The Late Movies: Newsroom Bloopers

Mario Marsicano

Tonight we take a look at one of the reasons YouTube was invented in the first place...newsroom bloopers.

Did you know Tony Danza isn't the biggest fan of local news?

Someone didn't get enough rest last night. Or maybe she forgot to eat breakfast.

She lost her WHAT? Well, she better get that back or her shirts won't fit correctly.

Here's a classic. Does anyone recognize her? Did she recover?

And another "“ Shep Smith reports on J.Lo.

I can't tell if this weatherman is joking or serious.

We interrupt this newscast for a special announcement.

This is hysterical. I don't think we'll see this guy on the Discovery Channel anytime soon.

And this has to be the best anchor vs. reporter fight I've ever seen. And I've seen,