The Late Movies: Ronco Commercials


With all the Shamwow, Slapchop and Snuggie excitement this year, you'd think no one had ever seen a Ronco ad before. Time to bring them back into the light

Kids, before iPhones, people used to carry fishing equipment in their dungarees. It's the Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman!

A great gift for Christmas? Really? A Smokeless Ashtray? Ya'think?

Get the Glass Froster to go with the smokeless ashtray. Makes a nice statement.

Hey Santa...any thoughts regarding WHY Bernice wants a Mr. Microphone?

How, exactly, is a Pottery Wheel educational?

It was either a Battery Tester or the six-pack of black ankle socks. Live it up, dear!

The Dial-o-Matic looks cool, but who is this Julie N., and what does she have against carrots and cole slaw?

Hey Mr. Dentist...if you didn't have the autocup and ashtray, do you think you'd still have the unsightly coffee and tobacco stains?

And I tried desperately to find a Flowbee commercial, but the closest I could come is the Hair Wiz.

[Thanks to the Museum of Chicago Television's YouTube page.]