Friday Happy Hour: Talking in Your Sleep

Jason English

1. I've said a lot of crazy things while sleeping. On Monday night, my wife decided to write some of them down. Here are two of the subjects she claims I was talking about:

"We can all sing '9 to 5.' And then we can just hum that last part where it goes, 'hmmmm.'" "I was playing croquet last weekend. And Robby, that little bastard, he beat me!"

I was not playing croquet last weekend. I don't know who Robby is. And I don't think there's a part of "9 to 5" that goes "hmmmm." Rather than waste any time analyzing my 3am babbling, why don't you tell us about crazy things you've said or done while sleeping? If nobody's ever taken notes for you, you can share something you've witnessed.

2. When I'm forced to socialize with strangers for an extended period of time (weddings come to mind, or other parties with assigned seating), I like to ask how people spent their summers during college. So even though nobody's forcing us to sit and chat right now, I'll ask anyway "“ how'd you spend your summers in college? And if we have any college students in the audience right now, let us know what you've got on tap this summer.

3. Are there any foods you intentionally ruin before eating? Maybe "ruin" isn't the right word, but I enjoy really soggy cereal. I'll pour myself a bowl of Raisin Bran, splash on some milk, and stick it in the fridge to age to perfection (estimated time: 10 minutes).

4. About two years ago, one of our writers pitched the idea of a story about bizarrely named stretches of interstate. We could never come up with very many, but I'm not giving up. Are there any in your part of the world?

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