Best Posters of the Year: the Keyart Awards

Ransom Riggs

The Keyart Awards are like the Oscars for movie posters and trailers, and this June they'll be given out for the 38th time. If you're wondering why posters and trailers need their own awards -- especially since some of the nominees are themselves ads for film festivals or film awards ceremonies -- just take a look at some of this year's nominees, and I think you'll see why. Great movie marketing really is an art form unto itself, and some of the best work done in a given year only gets seen by a small segment of the population -- or in the case of our first nominated example, only by whoever drove down Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard a few weeks before Pineapple Express came out last year.

smoking pineapple2.jpg
smoking pineapple2.jpg /
punisher_war_zone.jpg /
religulous.jpg /
rambo_ver2.jpg /
ruins_ver2.jpg /
twenty_seven_dresses.jpg /

There's also a category for "best standee display," which are the big, increasingly complex cardboard contraptions you see displayed in movie theater lobbies. Here's a video of one of the standee nominees, The Spirit:

Here's a complete list of the nominees, which include movie trailers as well as posters, and lots of other things like home video packaging, trailer motion graphics and copylines (you know, like "in space, no one can hear you scream!")