A Nerdtacular Quiz: Books Condensed via Amazon's Statistically Improbable Phrases


Now, this one isn't a mental_floss quiz, but I thought it was a lot of fun. Head over to Dennis Cooper's blog for his Alan presents ... 69 Modern Classics Condensed via Amazon's SIPsâ„¢ (Statistically Improbable Phrases). Now, the idea here is that Amazon lists Statistically Improbable Phrases for many books it sells -- unusual turns of phrase that appear in the work -- and by examining those phrases, sometimes you can guess the book they're from. I've listed three favorites below, with the answers after the jump. Of course, if you want a whole bunch more, just go straight to the source.

[Book] 31. bun compartment, nucular bum, exercising board, cabinet under the bar, kickoff rally, young man sighed, front shutters, looseleaf folder, fat mother

[Book] 35. bloated colonel, tighter bomb pattern, intelligence tent, more combat missions, sei pazzo, sixty missions, seventy missions, illegal tobacco, railroad ditch, bomb line, forty missions, flak suit, group chaplain, lead bombardier, fifty missions, medical tent

[Book] 64. stillsuit manufacturer, panoplia propheticus, gom jabbar, inkvine scar, ducal signet, factory crawler, poison snooper, voice from the outer world, stillsuit hood, weirding way, dew collectors, diamond tattoo, little makers, maker hooks, message cylinder, water flagon, funeral plain, death commandos, spice liquor, palm lock, prison planet, shield belt, terrible purpose, demanding memory

Answers after the jump...


* 31. A Confederacy of Dunces, John Kennedy Toole

* 35. Catch-22, Joseph Heller

* 64. Dune, Frank Herbert

(Via Kottke.org.)