Finally, there's a use for all those LPs that have been collecting dust in your closet: sleeveface! It's a website, a book and a phenomenon in which, with the right album cover, the right lighting and perspective, and a little luck, you can create one of these:

The sleeveface website is devoted to user-submitted sleevefaces -- the sillier the better. But it's not as easy as it looks: first you've got to find just the right album cover, preferably featuring a head-and-shoulders closeup of the artist. Then you might dress like that person appears to be dressed (from the shoulders up, at least), pose in a way that seems to complete their pose, and do your best to match the perspective of the photo on the album sleeve with your own photo. Which is to say, if Jimi Hendrix was photographed from a low angle, you'd do well to mimic that:


Or if Morrissey was photographed from a high angle, you should use a high angle, too:

If you want more in-depth tips, check out this video, called "How to Sleeveface."

Here are a few more of our favorites:





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