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Friday Happy Hour: Give Me a Hand

Jason English

I have to run out for a couple hours to take care of some very important business (OK, my wife and I are bringing Charlotte to have a family portrait taken.) I haven't gotten a chance to put together any good questions for today's Friday Happy Hour, so I'm begging you guys for help. Leave your suggestions for questions in the comments and I'll use five of them later this afternoon when I return. If I choose your question, we'll send you a free back issue of mental_floss magazine, which was mentioned on The Today Show this morning (and therefore special).

If you're new and don't know what kinds of questions we're looking for, here are a couple examples from past Happy Hours:

"What's the creepiest thing you've found while snooping on someone?" "What's the crappiest car you've ever owned? Was it a clunker from the start, or did you simply drive it into the ground?" "What's the most intriguing VHS tape you still own?" "What's the most embarrassing poster to ever adorn your bedroom wall?"

Back in a bit!

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