Friday Happy Hour: Questions from the Audience

Jason English

Thanks to everyone who suggested topics of discussion. Our photoshoot was a smashing success. I'll save some of the questions I don't use today for another afternoon when my personal errands can't be rescheduled.

1. What, in retrospect, is the most dangerous thing that nearly happened to you? For example, Debbie Harry nearly accepted a lift home in Ted Bundy's car. Shiver. [From Jen, The Alien Spouse.]

2. What is one weird/strange food that you always wished you'd have the guts to try? (maggot cheese, Menudo, Rocky Mountain oysters). [From Lore.]

3. Have you ever written a fan letter? To whom? Did you get a response? [From Marion.]

4. What is the most interesting interaction you have ever had with a homeless person? [From Witty Nickname.]

5. Online dating is fairly common and pretty well accepted as a norm "“ hence,,, eharmony, etc. What horror stories or success have you experienced? [From Nikki.]

Jen, Lore, Marion, Witty Nickname & Nikki: If you email me your addresses (, we'll get your back issues in the mail on Monday. If you're a subscriber, let me know when you started getting the mag so we don't send you something you've already seen. Thanks again!