The Late Movies: Resevoir Dogs


OK, ready for a really random one? There appears to be a trend at weddings where the groom and groomsmen recreate the walking scene from Reservoir Dogs. Who even knew this was a thing? But I absolutely love Reservoir Dogs, so I feel I must present some samples here, along with one of my favorite parody videos.

These guys went retro. Black & white "“ nice touch. And the slo-mo makes it.

This one has a bit of the bride spliced in. I like how all the guys look hammered. Might be my favorite.

Guys, wrong Tarantino music. Do I have to do everything!

This one starts with the naming scene, and I like that they called it "Reservoir Groomsmen." Could also be a top pick.

These guys added title cards, but I'm not digging the editing.

What? How young are kids gettin' married these days? vests, nice touch. The groom's smiling too much, but I definitely like the kid at the end. This one could also be the winner.

And finally, one of my favorite parody videos...Reservoir Clowns.

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